Response to COVID 19



COVID-19 Projects
There are a lot of requests from hospitals and care homes for items which can be sewn or knitted at home.  Also, there are requests for other items such as toiletries.   I know from Facebook that many Mothers' Union members are responding to these requests.  It’s great that we are finding ways of helping, even for those who are not able to get out. 

I am collating information on patterns and organisations  here which I hope will be useful to members. If you have any such information which you would like to share, please send it to me or post it on our Facebook page.   Most of the organisations which are coordinating production and distribution are Facebook based.  It is proving to be an invaluable resource currently!

Face Masks      
We've had a request to make masks for local care homes. There are 2 youtube links below which show how to make them - one using a sewing machine, the other without a machine. Either is acceptable, please use 100% cotton material.

Mask made with a sewing machine
Mask made by hand 4 mask tutorial

If you don't have a local outlet for them, you can post them to Barbara Davies  or email Barbara Davies or Jill Crofton  who will be able to pass them onto her contact  

Knitted or Crocheted Ear Savers

The Ear Savers are used across the back of the head, the buttons are used to hook the elastic loops which normally fits around the ear to hold the PPE masks in position. The elastic loops on the PPE masks are making ears very sore and this band takes the pressure off whilst holding the mask in position.

I found this pattern on Birmingham MU FB page, thank you.  I have read elsewhere that you should use cotton or acrylic which can be washed.

Double knit: use 2 strands together
If using Chunky knit: use 1 strand. Suggest size 8 needles. (4mm)
Doesn’t matter what colour or that the buttons may not match.
Cast on 20 sts, knit 6 rows; cast off. you should have a strip of knitting approx. 4” x 1” (give or take 1/2”)
A button approx 2 cms in diameter is then stitched to either end of this strip.  ( I have read elsewhere that, if you only have small buttons, use 2) 

This could also be done in crochet.

These may be useful in hospitals or care homes, anywhere where masks are worn.

Headband Style Ear Saver

Pattern can be found on the For the Love of Scrubs site These ear savers are like a headband with relative at the back and buttons behind the ears for the mask loops to be attached to.


Scrubs Bags 

Scrub bags are drawstring bags for health workers to take their scrubs home in.  They throw the whole thing into the washing machine, bag and all and so it is important that the bag is made from a cotton in which the colour won't run at 60 degrees C.  Ideally they should be 20" wide x 25" tall.
Although bigger is better, I have read that people are making these bags by adding a drawstring to a pillow case and this is deemed acceptable, especially if the pillow case is fairly large.



These are the organisations coordinating in Worcestershire

Worcestershire Hearts for Joy

Can be found on the same site. 

Making hearts crocheted, knitted or sewn

Facebook: welfareforhealthcare

This site was set up and is organised by H-J Coulston Bishop John 's wife. This organisation responds to all needs expressed directly to H-J

They would like us to make masks please for GP surgeries, care homes and residential homes for both staff, visitors and clients to wear.